American Cossacks - Coast to Coast - Fort Ross ,California (Radio NYC-Russian - Interview)

Well, today amongst the modern Cossack movement, we have a lot of Cossacks who live and survive inside the United States and in Russia. Today we are asked to say this to the Supreme Ataman of the Cossacks of North and South America, Cossack General Count Sergei Vladimirovich Tsapenko

American Cossacks - Coast to Coast - Fort Ross ,California (Radio NYC-Russian - Interview)
Orignal Audio Source from Russia NYC

Transcription (Translated from Russian Voice Audio)


Hello dear listeners of radio stations Nadezhda listen to my American broadcast  peacefully from coast 2 coast of the United States. The topic of today's broadcast is Cossacks. This word Arouses interest and probably some kind of emotional awe of from very many people. To really say, this is about the Russian Empire and the transformation of Russia. This is also largely due to Kazakhstan.

Let's remember, only the conquest of Siberia by Ataman Ermak Timofeevich the war with Napoleon of the twelfth year when the famous Cossacks were with their Ataman Count Platonov at battle.

Well, today amongst the modern Cossack movement, we have a lot of Cossacks who live and survive inside the United States and in Russia. Today we are asked to say this to the Supreme Ataman of the Cossacks of North and South America, Cossack General Count Sergei Vladimirovich Tsapenko.

Hello Dear Sergey Vladimirovich, I would like you to tell our radio listeners the indicators of movement in the history of your people. Really, Cossacks are a separate free people, maybe not everyone knows this. According to the last census which was tsarist Russia before the First World War, the Cossacks were the second largest people after the Russians and were more than 8 million people. Please tell us about the history of this Great people about how they live now..

Thank you dear Espada, Old foremen Ataman. Sorry,  Cossacks and Cossack sisters ..dear listeners. I am glad to welcome you on the radio and very glad that you raised such an important topic of the Cossack people.. And that this is an important topic for us Cossacks and I want to welcome you once again and answer all your many questions, to say, in America, lives its full life.

The fact is that the Cossacks in America were formed over many centuries. The first Cossack settlers arrived from Russia at the end of the XVIII century/In the beginning of the XIX century founded Russian settlements on American soil were the pioneers everywhere but in America we have a lot of historical monuments connected with the Cossacks.

Cossack villages organized in America, especially after the first wave, the first wave of immigrants was numerous after WWI. In America there existed  the four main Unions of the Triple Alliance, In particular, The Union of Don and Kuban Cossacks did a lot to strengthen its position and influence. The  Cossack village developed were more well organized after the second wave of immigration after World war II. A very large number of Cossacks arrived in Western Europe, and it was then that the Cossack regalia of the Kuban army of the Terek Siberian was brought to America and the Cossacks founded several large dances (unions).

The Cossacks were well received into America and were given allotments of land for free. In these areas there is no longer political connection to Russia and these descendants remained there to flourish in America.

If you know the wonderful story, Yes, there is a village of New Kuban, the Cossacks made a very big contribution to the development and left a lot of historical monuments‌‌ . Today the state of Cossack Supreme Ataman is selected on this great intercession for the eighth year.

I can say enough good and strong professional Cossacks flourished. We will did allot of work to build a life and so our Cossacks were worthy citizens of their new American society. Today, we still have very good ties with the original Homeland of the Cossacks in Russia. You know what Kuban Cossacks don Siberian has very large tracks of land which is now part of Russia and the Cossacks . In these territories, a very new and important law was recently adopted and signed by the President of Russia. The law On Cossacks.  It has granted many new privileges to the Cossacks.

And most importantly, They entered the State Register the register of public service.  That is, also some old timers became official state servers. Hear we received money for their service. We in America do not separate/divide Cossacks into a public registry. In fact, For us these are just simply free brothers.

Whatever they may be, we receive a lot of letters, a lot of calls. So, somehow through life abroad [they] want to know how in fact there are things to say about Cossacks from around the world and abroad.  And.. we are happy to share with them as much as possible.  We can't answer every request, we accept numerous delegations in principle.  This is important because communication is exactly the 'guy' who makes it clear the full state of affairs.

Unfortunately, it won't happen today, so to speak, we won't be able to cover all the gaps that exist between us in a short time, the Cossacks of America, the Cossacks are connected by tradition but also by a long distance ocean Today.

As of today, I can say that we have 4 delegations abroad in total, we have a delegation of our Cossacks in Kazakhstan headed by a colonel after [polymetal palychem] It's is located here in Russia, the Cossacks of St. Petersburg-on-don is the delegation in the Ukraine. The best thing is that we share a friendship. This  is the only thing that helps us to maintain such a good relationship that always existed between us Cossacks.

I'm very pleased, once again, I want to tell you an important thing... so as you remember, the Chairman of the Council of Elders and the Colonel Viktor Yanukovych Bandurko has recently been to Russia at the Congress of Soviets of foreign cadets in St. Petersburg. .. and was very pleased... that it was an adequately met Hangout and Cossacks headed by the of Ataman St. Petersburg led by the Cossacks...

It was very, very pleasant experience. Ataman Vasily Box, a hereditary Cossack whose father was the prefix of the Tsar and was also the personal bodyguard of the Empress ... and ... we took the opportunity to say today in the radio program we became the trustees of a very important ancient temple.

The church in the name of the Holy Reverend Omsk Saint, the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga, which is located on Ladygin only the road of life, this old temple was built by personal order of Emperor Nicholas II and designed by the  architect Fidel.

Unfortunately, during the times of the heavy heavy Soviet turmoil, the temple was closed in 1938 and then during the Second World War it was destroyed. Now the Cossacks are starting to restore this temple, we made a contribution, we had a delegation handed over a silver coin to the silver dollar in the contribution of the temple and we were very pleased when we received a response letter  from St Petersburg.

It said that the little [chervonenka] wrote us a letter... that we were the first's wonderful! Well,... anyway..,. we are always Cossacks. We always try to listen and to do first and as if in this life.  Okay, I will be glad to answer to answer your questions.

It is very remarkable that the Cossacks today are one of the leading peoples, the lineage of leading people who bring peace, the institution of happiness, and good luck . The education of the Cossack has always been based on our traditions and laws, therefore the Cossacks are a serving people.


Thank you, Mr. Ataman, I would like to ask you to tell Artem, as you know, festivals have been held here in the United States and in Russia for the past few years, various exhibitions related to Fort Ross.

[Fort Ross] is a Russian former outpost on the territory of the American state of California, how did Cossacks of America participate in these festivities and exhibitions of sports growth events?


Thank you that is a good question. Sports growth is associated with a lot of the history of Russia on the American Continent, Fort Ross is located in California.  It is completely the territory that is called national posts.  In America, they made this place a national park that is protected by American Federal law.

Fort Ross is located on the territory of Ataman Nikita by the barrel his last name is snoring with Ataman Nikita.  [not sure what this means]

We had many friendly meetings and at the very last Cossack gathering we spoke together at the Kazakh Circle where he was then re-elected as Ataman.

We attended the delegation together with Rostislav Semenovich Pavlovich military foreman [Yesaul ambar 1],  Sergey Semyonovich, it means... that then.... important important tasks were taken that the old men of America had been preparing for many years. The unification of the two coasts of Cossacks villages. Ataman Nikita is now an official trustee ...And is a member of the council for restoration and according to observations of Fort Ross.

I was personally at the Fort and saw the state of affairs there was a wonderful service in the temple at [arthrosis] plus the service of Father Ruslan. ‌‌

You were there praying and then when there was already a big procession, it was very nice that not only Cossacks participated, but there were Cossacks from Europe and even Cossacks from Australia who were also at the Chechen cemetery in San Francisco.

I drew attention to the fact that the Cossacks of California, as it is on their Capital territory, very carefully, reverently and with great affection focused on the port of roses.

I would very much like to note the huge contribution to this matter, the chairman Natalia Sabelnik, the chairman of the compressor of Russian Americans, Natalia Georgievna Zabaikalskaya Cossack And so on...

What kind of Cossacks are the Cossacks of California? Who do a lot of things for the entire restoration of education and also the preservation of traditions. And you understand that being many 1000 km away, it is difficult to participate in this, and so it is also on their Capital territory.

I am doing everything possible for Cossack welfare and prosperity. This is important, so the Cossacks of the eastern American coast and the Cossacks of California are doing a very great job.

I want to thank you once again... thank the honorary Ataman of the general Cossack village of San Francisco, Victor for the huge contribution he made for the Cossacks of California, Fort Ross, and for the fact that they honor  a monument in the Czech cemetery.  Its a very big big deal.

I would be very happy to have Pablo to thank the Cossacks in view of the new Victor religion Konstantin and Polina Sukhanova, Larisa Maksimova from Florida.

I would also like to thank the [dermatovenerologist] these are wonderful people. Cossacks preserve the traditions of the Kazakh people family life culture.

This is a museum that I recommend everyone to visit.

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