EN - Word of the Ataman - 2011
Written by Sotnik Edward   
Wednesday, 09 November 2011
ENKazakov, America (North and South), The Cossack General Sergei Vladimirovich Tsapenko -
Word of Ataman
Kazakov, America (North and South), the Cossack General Sergei Vladimirovich Tsapenko
Dear Sirs, elderly, elders, chieftains, the brothers and sisters of the Cossacks Cossacks!
I, as a chieftain, I address to you with words of gratitude for your good deeds.
During this year there have been many events that will include not only the history of the Cossacks of America, but will be of significant events of the Russian-speaking countries.
Made it a lot of good and good. We are proud that the Cossacks took part in major events, and proudly carried the Cossack glory. This restoration of churches, holding rallies and Cossack historical exhibitions, combining in one harmonious villages Cossack family, part of the Cossacks in the political life of society. The big event is the regular edition of the newspaper "Cossack village" - an application to one of the most important Russian newspapers of America - the weekly "Russian America", spread over all Cossack villages and Russian-speaking diaspora centers in all U.S. states, South and North America. The newspaper is one of the main facts of consolidating into a single union of Cossacks Cossack brotherhood.
I want to note the importance of the Cossacks in America Coordination Council of Russian compatriots, namely participation in the two congresses in the Congress in San Francisco and South and North America in New York. As a result of these conferences was held to introduce the life of the Cossacks compatriots in America.
We conducted several exhibitions on the history of the Cossacks, which many could learn from the exhibits from the old Cossack. It is important that the American Cossacks carefully preserves the ancient traditions of our people.
Forthcoming album, Almanac of the Cossack past. Cossack's public diplomacy in action - our representatives have visited the aboriginal historical lands - in the Kuban, Don, Kiev, Siberia, Transbaikalia, Amur and Azov. We have established close contacts with representatives of the Cossack troops on historical grounds. The Cossacks of America are represented on the board of chieftains of the world - a friendly alliance with the Cossacks of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Western Europe. This is an indication of the international activities of the Board of the Cossacks of America.
After the Great Intercession Parliament and elected me Ataman
at the Council of Elders and senior American decision on friendship and mutual understanding Cossack revenues are at the highest level. Because - we're brothers, cossacks.
A very significant event is to unite into a single Cossack Board and the occurrence Obschekazachey village chieftain of San Francisco Buick (Khrapova) in the brotherly union of Cossacks of America, which is the great merit of the Council of Elders and elders.
A special thanks to this I want to express - Colonel Viktor Bandurka (Chairman of the Council of Elders and elders of the Cossacks of America), army sergeant Rostislav Tsytovich, Cossack Natalia Potentilla, honorary chieftain Victor broom-to, Captain Barazne and brother-chieftain Nikita Buick. Ljubo you, brother Cossacks.
The most deserving were awarded "Orthodox Russia".
All awards are not listed, may God reward you for all the good that you're doing. We are proud of you. You are our honor, and the Cossack glory!
Lubo, gentlemen Cossacks and Cossacks.
The Cossacks of America are involved in all the spectra of modern life: politics, economics, business and family. The Cossacks have always been excellent sailors and soldiers, and Cossacks - homemakers. The traditions and customs of the Cossack way of family life and culture remain Claudia Motovilov Hope Buick, Natalia Krasovskaya, Galina Ivashov, Tatiana Savateeva. A low bow for all your good works and let you as an example for new generations of Cossacks.
The Cossacks of America cherish the story: the anniversary of the tragedy of Lienz was released a special issue of "Cossack village" with unique materials of this tragic event, held a requiem for the victims of the Cossacks and the innocent victims of the tragedy lientsevskoy.
What is the word Cossack? That word and deed. It is our opinion
our pain, our glory and our pride. We know all the Cossack world with the launch of an international Cossack newspaper. I would also like to express special thanks to the editor of the weekly "Russian America" ​​Arcadia Maru for submission of the newspaper "Cossack village" at the World Congress of Russian-language press.
Many people wonder everyday life of the Cossacks of America, we get lots of letters, phone calls and emails.
We are pleased to note that the Cossacks of the world tends to unity. Our future - a younger generation that is brought up in the best traditions of Cossack. Communication with the Cossacks, with their historical homeland is certainly important and will greatly contribute to our common Cossack cause.
I would also like to thank the ministers of the Russian Orthodox Church for their prayers and tremendous contribution to the spiritual education of the Cossacks.
I wish you happiness, success and prosperity. Angel behind, brothers and sisters Cossacks Cossacks.
Sergey Tsapenko, Supreme Ataman of the Cossacks of America (North and South)
Cossack General,
Board Member of the Central Council of "Orthodox Russia", a member of the Coordination Council of Russian Compatriots
in America