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Written by Serge Ataman   
Tuesday, 03 July 2007
From all the USA Cossacks and Ataman Serge, we want to wish the Celebration of the USA's 231st Birthday.  July 4th marks the starting point in history when a new experiment for a constitutionally limited government was given birth to the custody of a free people.  Cossack people from around the word are rejoicing in this occasion along with America in celebration of freedom and independence.

Tsapenko Family Celebrating in Philadelphia

Philadelphia July 4th Fireworks

Reading of the Declaration of Independence: Thomas Jefferson

Signing the Document

From an article about Cossack Freedom.

Across the open, fertile plains of Ukraine six hundred years ago came the raiding Tatars, descendants of the Golden Horde of the Mongols. They were disrespectful in the extreme to the local populations. With Tatars constantly interfering, Ukrainians found it hard to get a life, let alone make a living. So they invented self-defense forces, the Cossacks, fierce enough to stop the Tatar hordes. They took their name from the South Turkic word qazaq

meaning "adventurer" or "free person."


The Cossacks got their strength from local autonomy and leadership. They were not troops belonging to some distant government but members of democratic self-governing communities, each community electing its leader, known as an ataman, and the whole assembly of Cossacks electing a leader known as the hetman. Cossack communities welcomed diverse members, including Poles, Russians, and runaway serfs.

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