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Written by Sotnik Edward   
Sunday, 29 April 2007

January 1st 2007.
Bandurko Victor Fedorovich, (born 1931in Serbia) is a Kuban Cossack and the founder of Kuban Cossack in Howell New Jeresey,  was appointed as Chariman of the Elder Cossack Council of USA Cossacks. 

Cytowicz Rostislaw Semenovich,  (born in Belorussia in1928),  has been accepted as Pripisnoy Cossack and appointed by the Ataman as advisor of international Cossack Relations, Belorussia.

Decison of Ataman to join SKVRiZ "Union of the Cossacks of Russia and Foreign Countries" has been stopped because of the recommendation of the Elder Chairman Council. Decision will be made and announced at a later time.



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