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Written by Serge Ataman   
Monday, 12 March 2007

USA Cossacks supports the Gathering of the Eagles event to protect the USA War Memorials from Communist protester attacks in Washington DC on March 17th.  As many as 30,000 Anti-America protesters will gather at the Memorial and then proceed to the Pentagon. USA Cossacks will be there to assist the GOE in defending the Memorials against vandalism and damage and to support and help protect USA War Memorials. 

Here is the site link if you want to attend also:  Gathering of Eagles

Image of Communist Protesters in DC Jan 2007-

A well funded and organized group of more than 30,000 Terrorism sympathizers, Red Communists, and Anarchists are joining together to possibly attack and vandalize USA war memorials, including the WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War memorials in Washington DC. Groups such as ANSWER , Code Pink, and Black Bloc will be there. They have committed violent acts against memorials, police, and war veterans at past events.  The GOE going to defend them.

Also, Here is a list of others from each state organizing transportation to Washington DC. 

More information in Russian and Ukrainian are Available here:

The USA Second 

If you are going to attend, bring video cameras and photo gear because they will attempt to trick and provoke you into violence so that they will make it look like your fault.


Ataman Serge,supports the Gathering of Eagles and encourages all Cossacks to join in to protect Freedom and Sacred ground of America's Fallen Soldiers.

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