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  Link   Cossack Dom Site
History of the Cossacks by the Cossack Dom
  Link   Ukrainian Cossacks - Zaporozhye
This is a site decicated to the Ukrainian Cossacks.
  Link   Kuban Cossacks - Wiki
Kuban Cossacks were cossacks that were settled in the region around the Kuban River to protect the southern borders of the Russian Empire.
  Link   Cossacks History - Wiki
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Covering the history of Cossacks. Cossack Historians are encouraged to edit and update this link.
  Link   New Kuban - New Jersey USA
A few quick details about the New Kuban USA Cossacks.
  Link   Battle for The Regalia
New Kuban battle for the fate of the Historical Artifacts.
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