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Saturday, 15 November 2008

19 October, 2008, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA), during the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary there had place the Great Pokrovskaya Rada of Cossack of Americas. Rada was held at the Saint Nikolas Orthodox Cathedral built in the early 20th century by Cossacks from the first wave of immigration. This was a historic event because for the first time in the history of Cossacks residing abroad there were delegates - representatives of all the Cossacks living in the USA, Canada and Latin America. It was also attended by delegates representing Zaporozhie, Kuban, Don, Terek, Ural, K.N.O.D. Cossacks and Vilniy Cossacks.

The Great Cossakcs Rada took place in accordance with the old tradition of Zaporizhya Sich. Following delegates were nominated for Ataman of the America and Canada: Mikheyev of the Don Cossacks abroad, Pevnev of Kubanskiy Cossacks, Boldyrev of the Cossacks from stanitsa "Kaledin" in Canada, Sinchenko of "New Kuban" stanitsa in the U.S., current Ataman of the USA & Canada S . V. Tsapenko, recommended by the President of the Council of Elders - Bandurko Viktor Brotherhood of Cossack America and Canada.
The Great Pokrovskaya Rada began its work in accordance with the historical tradition, preceeded by a service in the St. Nikolas Cathedral, where chieftain and the Cossacks proceeded to Communion after the Profess. Immediately after that Ataman Tsapenko reported on the work done. There were read greetings and wishes to the Great Circle of the Cossacks America, as well as the recommendations of the Council of Elders and officers. Report of the Ataman was accepted by Cossacks - Ljubo.


After the Rada, Cossacks came to the Square in front of the Church to choose the terms of the atamana election. At the circle was chosen esaulets and two pristavs, to hold the order; secretary read out loud the list of the Ataman candidates.
Each delegate representing their communities had a right of voice, which he exercised at the Cossack Circle. Starshiny and elders together with the Cossacks had decided to vote according to the Cossack tradition of "caps and sables uphill" The count of the votes wasconducted; a majority of votes nominated General Tsapenko for Ataman of the Cossacks.


At the Parliament there were representatives of the Stanichno Cossacks Latin American countries who have put forward a proposal that the Cossacks in Latin America should join the Cossacks of America and Canada, thus forming the Cossacks of Americas (North and South).

The main bulk of the votes was given to Sergei Tsapenko, newly elected Ataman of Cossacks of the Americas (North and South).

Secretary, Vsevolod Gusakov

Chapter Vybornoy Rada, Starshina Rostislav Sitovich

President of the Council of the Elders and Chiefs, Colonel Victor Bandurko

Voyskoviy Chaplain, Father Johan Bogush

Cossack General, Supreme Ataman of the Americas Serge Tsapenko

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